SatisPet Dog Water Dispenser in Blue 14 fl oz Water Bottle for Cats & Dogs – Leak-proof Fountain for Automatically Feeding Water That Hooks on the Pet’s Crate Made of BPA Free Plastic

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STARTING TODAY: Keep Your Pets Hydrated And Their Crates Dry!

Is your dog or cat so energetic that it is always stepping on its plate, spilling the water around?

Has it happened that your pet was left without water all day because it flipped its water while you were away from home?

Don't let it happen again! SatisPet has the best solution!

Meet The Handy Pet Water Dispenser & Make Sure That There Is Always Clean Water For Your Pets!

This great water bottle clips on the side of a cage tightly, so that you pet cannot drop it.

No more wet floors and hours of cleaning and drying what got wet from the spilled water!

It's also perfect for long bearded dogs or fury cats, as now they can enjoy drinking water without wetting their mouths and furs!

Thoughtful Design & Leak-Proof Fountain!

Unlike the regular bowls that get easily dirty with all the food that pets may put inside, this one keeps water clean and safe, protected from dust or other air pollutants!

Inside the pipe there are 3 stainless steel balls, thoroughly tested for their efficacy to prevent leakage.

Note that if at some point the bottle is leaking, it is probably because your pet's hair or other pollutants are blocking the right functioning of the pipe.

Just wash the balls and the pipe properly and it will work again just fine!

And remember, you are covered by our 100% money back satisfaction guarantee! Don't miss it!

Place Your Order Now-While Supplies Last!


  • A MUST HAVE PRODUCT FOR EVERY PET OWNER: As a pet owner you probably know that you can't leave home for many hours as your pet may run out of food -and what's more important- water! Make sure that your pet will always have access to clean water with this great leak-proof drinking fountain.
  • DESIGNED TO PROVIDE THE BEST FOR YOUR PETS: The bottle has a capability of 14 fl oz and thanks to its high quality-non toxic material, it keeps the water fresh without any unpleasant pungent smell. It is also perfect for your fury cat or dog as they can drink water from the mouth of the pipe without getting their faces and furs soaking wet!CAUTION:Capacity is only 14 fl oz,not suitable for large and gaint breed dogs.
  • FOR DRY-CLEAN CRATES: This water dispenser is the best choice for your pet's crate as you can hang it from the outer part of the cage so that your naughty pet can't reach it or drop it! The pipe of the bottle is leak-proof as it features three stainless steel balls to ensure that your pet's crate will stay always dry!
  • THE BEST QUALITY FOR YOUR PET: This bottle is made of animal safe, high quality, BPA free plastic materials to provide the best care for your little friend! Its stainless steel tube has no spring in the pipe, but 3 stainless-steel balls that, unlike other bottles, they won't hurt your pet's mouth! The product is also super durable thanks to the anti-rusty material of the pipe!
  • TRUST THE SERVICES OF SATISPET: When it comes to the care of your pet, rely only on the experts! With the perfect deal of quality and price, along with the 100% money back satisfaction guarantee you have every good reason to give it a try. You and your pet will love it!


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