MAIKEHIGH Cat Hammock Window Mount Perches Resting Pet Bed Kitty Window Seat with 4 Suction Cups Holds Up to 20lbs,Black

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Every cat like to lying under the sunshine all noon, and every cat like to jumped up to a higher place too.
Our window cat perch will give your cat a best place to do the things they like best.
It also can helps cat to alleviate boredom for indoor life,and avoid depression.
Let them never feel lonely when you can't be aside.

The cat Bed Measured 23.6'' by 13.4''. it provides ample space for your little cutie to enjoy the good time.

Industrial super-strong PP suction cups will attaches securely to any window (within available size),
sturdy PVC tubes makes the cat perch more stability. No need to worry your cat will falling down. (Maximum holds up to 20lbs)

Durable fabric,waterproof,dustproof.

No tools needed and easy to install,just need to follow the instruction guide, quick and effortless.

The window mounted cat Bed provide your cat new scenery without the risks of going outdoors.

Product Dimension: 23.6" x 13.4"
Package Weight: 1.65lbs

Package includes:
√6 x Pipes
√2 x Pipe connector
√2 x Screw Suction Cup
√2 x Transparent suction cup
√2 x Double connectors
√2 x Three connectors
√1 x Tablecloth

1.To avoid suction cups falling down, please make sure the suction cups and window are clean without water.
2.Please mount White suction cup first, then mount Transparent suction cup . That will make Sunny Seat Window Cat more fixed.
3.Periodically check the suction cups to ensure that they are fully sucked.Make sure the suction cup is clean and free from debris.
4.If the suction cup needs to be cleaned, wash in warm soapy water then dry gently with a lint-free cloth. cloth.


  • ►Cat hammock scratcher Size:Length: 28.5",width:15", cord length 23.5", suction cups diameter: 3.5". Those cups hold up to 20lbs.
  • ►The cat perch is made from 1 inch heavy duty plastic tubes and fittings. There are no sharp metal exposed to protect your cats from any potential injuries.
  • ►The cat hammock perch bed cover is mesh materials. Waterproof, breathable and durable. Easy to clean .
  • ►Cat hammock Accessories included:6 x Pipes, 2 x Pipe connector , 2 x Screw Suction Cup, 2 x Transparent suction cup, 2 x Double connectors, 2 x Three connectors, 1 x Tablecloth.
  • ► Announcements:1.Please make sure to clean the windows and the suction cups before placing the cat perch. If there is water on the window, the sucker won't stick. 2.Please refer to installation instructions to install the cat hammock bed. The minimum window size needed for this perch is W 30 x H 26 inches.


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